Legislative Update

The transition with Matthew Smith taking over government affairs operations continues at full pace with the end of the year in sight. Matthew and Howard are working together to make a smooth transition. They have been traveling together to various meetings (NAIC, NCOIL, etc.) to introduce Matthew to key contacts and key issues. In addition, a database has been established for Howard to pull today his historic knowledge about activities in key states to serve as a resource for Matthew in 2018.

In other recent government affairs activities, the Coalition:

• Was contacted by a U.S. Senate Commerce Committee to help set up a subcommittee hearing on insurance fraud. The committee staff relied heavily on the Coalition to frame the issues of the hearing and to identify those organizations that would testify. Of the five witnesses (including the Coalition), four were members of the Coalition. The hearing was the first congressional hearing on insurance fraud. One outcome was an interest by the subcommittee chair to work with the Coalition on legislation that could enhance information sharing with property/casualty insurers within the Healthcare Fraud Prevention Partnership.

• Attended the NAIC summer meeting in Philadelphia. Howard gave an overview of Coalition activity to the antifraud task force while Matthew gave a legal update similar to his board report. Howard represented the Coalition at the NAIC’s consumer liaison committee. Matthew and Howard also attended private consumer liaison meetings with several state regulators. Matthew has applied to the NAIC to fill Howard’s seat on the consumer liaison committee in 2018.

• Attended the first session of the National Conference of State Legislators’ (NCSL) insurance fraud task force. The task force was created to expand NCSL’s involvement with state insurance issues. The co-chairs of the task force are two former presidents of NCOIL including one who previously represented NCOIL on the Coalition board. Matthew and Howard privately discussed giving a broad insurance fraud presentation at the task force’s December meeting.

• Gave an overview of the “Four Faces” study to the PCI fraud committee. The presentation was a build out to the board presentation on the updated study given at the June meeting. The presentation also discussed expected Coalition activity for the 2018 legislative sessions. PCI has expressed interested in co-sponsoring future research with the Coalition.