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The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted vast damage across our nation, and the globe. Especially heartbreaking is the large loss of human life.

When I was a young boy, my grandfather repeatedly instilled in me, “From all bad comes good.” I’m now 62 years old, and have seen first-hand the truth behind his words. So what possible good will we in the anti-fraud community derive from this virus? Read article.  

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | April 2020

Scammers follow the money trail, and there’s money in the misery caused by coronavirus. Watch out for a second virus — insurance scams that exploit our biggest fears today. Untold thousands of corona cons no doubt are infesting our daily lives, with many going undetected. Insurance fraud may be among the ruses. Be careful of bogus insurance deals that promise you amazing and low-priced protection. Read article.  

by JAMES QUIGGLE | March 2020

As the world continues to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus, it occurred to me there may be some analogies that fraud-fighters may draw from this worldwide pandemic to help us better understand our own battle against insurance fraud.  Read article.  

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | March 2020