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Professional organizations are often treated as an afterthought –– nice to participate in, but the focus should remain on the responsibilities of your day-to-day responsibilities. As New Jersey’s Insurance Fraud Prosecutor, I’m pulled in multiple directions, and no two weeks are exactly the same. Read article.


The Coalition tries very hard to “stay in our lane” of fighting insurance fraud. We normally shy away from broader issues in the world of insurance, or at least until they impact the anti-fraud effort. One of today’s “buzzwords” in the area of insurance appears to be “nuclear verdicts.” Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | July 2021

Fraud is happening, all the time and at every organization. Prior to the pandemic, insurance fraud (non-health insurance) was estimated to be a $40 billion dollar a year criminal enterprise that costs the average U.S. family between $400 and $700 per year in increased insurance premiums, according to the FBI.  Read article.

by SOPHIA CARLTON, CFE | June 2021

Her name was Addie Lee. She was loving, giving, beautiful and strong. She was also elderly, poor, and raising 6 grandchildren on her own. 

Every time it rained, the family took turns emptying buckets of water that collected beneath her leaking roof, while she scraped together enough money to have it repaired.  Not understanding the risk associated with trusting a stranger with a professional demeanor, she gave the money to that shady contractor, and never saw him again. Read article.

by PHAE MOORE | June 2021

As part of my regular responsibilities as the Coalition’s Communications Director, I source news clippings for distribution on our Fraud News Daily listserv. The clips normally cover the usual fraud stories from around the country: arson fires, uninsured motorists applying for insurance after a crash, healthcare kickbacks, workers comp cons, and fraud rings busted by the feds. However, there was one story recently that didn’t fit the mold. Read article.


One of the biggest contributors to increased insurance rates is fraud. Insurance fraud costs more than $40B annually, which increases the average family’s insurance premiums between $400 and $700 a year. As Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate, it is my priority to educate Floridians and the general public on how to spot fraud and prevent consumers from becoming a victim. To address this growing issue, I launched Demolish Contractor Fraud: Steps to Avoid Falling Victim. Read article.

by TASHA CARTER | April 2021

There’s been plenty of reporting on technologically inclined volunteers stepping up to help seniors, first responders, and other priority groups navigate the complex rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine. Many eligible for the shot have expressed frustration — and others, desperation — as they seek access to a limited number of appointments available at their local vaccination sites. Informal “vaccine hunter” groups have sprung up online to crowdsource the latest vaccine distribution information and partner seniors, teachers, the immunocompromised, and others with appointment navigators. Read article.

by FRANK SZTUK | March 2021

This is my first blog since joining the Coalition’s team 14 years ago.  My role as Operations Manager over the years has been rewarding, challenging and AWESOME.

I joined the Coalition in 2007. It was a time when President Bush had announced a plan to station over 21,000 troops in Iraq; the U.S. Embassy in Athens was attacked; there was the Virginia Tech massacre; six miners were trapped during the Crandall Canyon Mine collapse in Utah; there was war in Somalia and a host of other events. This is to say 2007 was an eventful year. During this time the Coalition and members maintained a strong stance against insurance fraud. Comparatively, the events of 2020 were so unpredictable that it became the first year in Coalition history where we held both our midyear and annual meetings virtually. Read article.

by KENDRA SMITH | March 2021

As a woman of color and a human resource professional, I am passionate about finding ways to increase diversity and inclusion in our profession – a topic that is more front and center than any discussion about workplace dynamics these days. More and more studies show that, beyond just the right thing to do, inclusion and diversity are key drivers of innovation and increased productivity. Read article.

by A.D. DUVALL | February 2021

A new administration was inaugurated on January 20th but America is still licking its wounds from the nightmare that was 2020. The economy is being squeezed by stubbornly high unemployment; exploding covid infection rates; looming evictions and foreclosures; and partisan gridlock that has crippled Congress’s ability to provide sufficient relief to taxpayers. Read article.

by ARINZE IFEKAUCHE | January 2021

Hi my name is Arinze. I’m new here. No seriously, I started here at the Coalition at the beginning of August as the Communications Director in waiting. I came to the Coalition by way of politics and criminal justice –– having spent time as the Public Relations Officer for the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office and Communications Director of the Maryland Democratic Party. Read article.

by ARINZE IFEKAUCHE | December 2020

“Stay Safe.” Those two little words are an intimate part of everyone’s pandemic vocabulary today. Yet 10 months after the onset, it’s hardly a throw-away catchphrase. I truly mean “Stay Safe,” no matter how many times I use it for emails. Read article.

by JAMES QUIGGLE | November 2020

2020 is drawing to a close. We’re well into November of this most-unusual year. With a presidential election and a pandemic taking center stage, many other important matters have seemed to take a backseat in our lives.  Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | November 2020

December 31 will mark my 63rd News Year’s Eve on this globe, and I can truly say I cannot think of a year I will be happier to usher out than this one. While most of us are already eagerly looking forward to watching the ball drop on 2020, insurance executives — and especially their CEOs and CFOs — may well sing Auld Lang Synewith a tear in their eye and a huge wad of cash in their wallets. Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | September 2020

COVID-19 delayed Ross Compton’s insurance fraud trial, which was scheduled to begin in May. He was charged with torching his home for a $400,000 insurance payout. Read article.

by JIM QUIGGLE |August 2020

Insurance fraud is no joke, with often high stakes and a hefty price tag for all involved in the crime. Yet, day after day, we read news stories involving unsuccessful attempts to “beat the system” to get a benefit payout from an insurance company. Read article.

by A.D. DUVALL | July 2020

Insurance fraud occurs in many ways, and by far too many perpetrators. We describe fraud as “the crime you pay for,” and that’s so true. It’s easy to view the insurance fraudster as the arsonist lurking in the night or a dishonest medical doctor. Yet insurance fraudsters too often wear nice suits or dresses — and sit in offices we pay for by electing them to office. Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | July 2020

My first dose of telemedicine happened a week ago. My primary physician was properly distancing by remote. So we had a half-hour video conversation using his office’s secure portal. He did a basic visual checkup on the grainy-looking iMac hookup. Read article.

by JIM QUIGGLE | June 2020

My first real job while working my way through college was with the Kings Island theme park. I started as a summer marketing intern — including dressing up and doing appearances as Scooby-Doo. I was fortunate to move quickly into a full-time position. Kings Island then was the second- largest entertainment center in the U.S., out-ranked only by Disney World. Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | June 2020

As I socially distanced my way through exercise one morning, British pop funk bad Jamiroquai’s song “Virtual Insanity” popped up on my playlist. The song is more than 20 years old now. The band’s lead singer warns about the dangers of becoming too immersed in a digital and virtual reality, and forgetting to connect to the real world. Read article.

by ELIJAH MERCER | June 2020

A pandemic is a disease outbreak that occurs over a wide geographic area, and affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most-significant health events to impact our current global population. Yet the insurance industry, has battled its own pandemic for years — the pandemic of insurance fraud. Over the last 20 years, the industry has witnessed insurance fraud progress from symptoms of a “cold” to a full blown “virus.” Read article.


As my 10-year-old kicks off week nine of distance learning from home and I enter my fourth month as Deputy Executive Director of the Coalition, I’ve had a prime opportunity to reflect on the extraordinary circumstances the world is confronting at the moment. A typical weekday morning involves making breakfast, packing lunch, checking for brushed teeth, and moving out the door to school and work. Now, we are dressing from the waist up, setting up virtual classrooms and meetings, and have no plans to leave our home.  Read article.

by A.D. DUVALL | May 2020

Millions of Americans largely hung up their car keys as driving quickly dwindled when we moved deeper into pandemic lockdown. Two national consumer-advocacy groups called forstate insurance regulators to require that auto insurers to return a portion of premiums to their policyholders. Drivers deserved a break because they weren’t on the roads nearly as much, urged the Consumer Federation of America (a Coalition founding member) and the Center for Economic Justice. Read article.

by JIM QUIGGLE | April 2020

Our nation remains in shutdown by the novel coronavirus. We long to return to our pre-COVID-19 lives, to leave our homes and return to life as we knew it before. But will life really be the same? Especially for local shops and restaurants? Will they still be there, or will they fall victim in a different way to this virus? Read article.

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | April 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted vast damage across our nation, and the globe. Especially heartbreaking is the large loss of human life.

When I was a young boy, my grandfather repeatedly instilled in me, “From all bad comes good.” I’m now 62 years old, and have seen first-hand the truth behind his words. So what possible good will we in the anti-fraud community derive from this virus? Read article.  

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | April 2020

Scammers follow the money trail, and there’s money in the misery caused by coronavirus. Watch out for a second virus — insurance scams that exploit our biggest fears today. Untold thousands of corona cons no doubt are infesting our daily lives, with many going undetected. Insurance fraud may be among the ruses. Be careful of bogus insurance deals that promise you amazing and low-priced protection. Read article.  

by JIM QUIGGLE | March 2020

As the world continues to deal with the fallout from the coronavirus, it occurred to me there may be some analogies that fraud-fighters may draw from this worldwide pandemic to help us better understand our own battle against insurance fraud.  Read article.  

by MATTHEW SMITH, Esq. | March 2020