Leg amputated after claiming ambushed while helping stranded motorist

Shannon Egeland stopped to help a pregnant woman stranded on a roadside late one summer night near Caldwell, Idaho. It was an ambush. 

Someone snuck up behind, bopped him in the head and shotgunned him. The blast tore into Egeland’s legs. He had large blood loss and shattered bones, forcing surgeons to amputate his left leg.

Or so the former Idaho developer told his disability insurer.

Egeland had his teenage son Ryland blast him in his legs with a 20-gauge shotgun, then left him lying by the roadside in a bizarre insurance scam. Egeland dialed 911 after his son sped off.

He invented the ambush to make a false disability claim to boost his finances. But the Samaritan Scam fizzled. Fraud investigators soon saw through the ruse. 

The attack had no logic or motive — why did robbers leave his wallet, cellphone and fancy BMW behind?

Egeland also bought the death-and-dismemberment disability policy just a week before the shooting. Suspicious timing.

He also lied on the insurance application. 

Egeland had no arrests in the last 10 years, he told Standard Insurance Company. He actually faced federal sentencing for a $20-million mortgage-fraud scheme in Oregon.

Egeland finally admitted all. On top of the insurance con, Egeland hoped the setup shooting would delay his sentencing for the mortgage plot. He finally was handed 10 years. Egeland later received nearly four years for the insurance shooting in March 2018.

“What bothers me the most is my son — the pain is on him,” Egeland said. “If I could take it all back, I would, but I can’t. That will haunt me the rest of my life.”