Public Outreach Update

November 2019:

Consumer resource toolkit. Developed toolkit of consumer videos, infographics and other resources that Coalition members can use in their own public-awareness efforts. Members can customize videos with their own name, URL & logo as an exclusive member benefit.

  • We’re marketing to members for adoption, especially for use during International Fraud Awareness Week (Nov. 17-23).

Hall of Shame. PIC elected the newest members of the Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame.

Prosecutor award. Elected Prosecutor of the Year. Winner is the USDOJ team that convicted Phil Esformes for his $1.2-billion assisted-living scam. It’s one of the biggest insurance frauds in U.S. history. DOJ will be invited to give a presentation at the annual member meeting in December.

New infographics. Developed new towing and contractor infographics. Also creating a new overall insurance-fraud graphic, plus a graphic to illustrate the Coalition’s $80-billion fraud estimate.


  • Wrote Hall of Shame article for Claims Magazine. It’ll be the December cover story, and a major feature for PC360.
  • Wrote SIU Today article (Hall of Shame, for winter edition).

Videos. Developing animated consumer videos in partnership with PhotoFax. They’re offering their video production capabilities at no charge. It’s a generous member service that PhotoFax is providing the Coalition.

Podcast. Developing joint contractor podcast with NICB.

Joint efforts with NICB. We’re expanding joint outreach efforts with NICB. We’re working on the contractor podcast. … NICB has nominated a candidate for the prosecutor award. … and has joined the PIC as an active and contributing member. We’re looking for more joint opportunities.

JIFA. Posted three new stories:

  • Scheduled for posting: Avoiding doctored engineering reports used to thwart valid storm claims (Doug Quinn, American Policyholder Association — Coalition member).
  • In progress: Transnational insurance crime rings (Dennis Toomey, BAE)

Fraud of the Month

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