Write legislators now, shut down storm chasers

At least 20 states have enacted stricter laws protecting consumers and insurers from shady roofing contractors in recent years. Dishonest storm chasers prey on consumers whose homes were damaged by rain, wind, hail, fire and other natural disasters.

More states require more transparency from roofing contractors, and have empowered homeowners to back away from contracts they were duped into signing.

New York is in the crosshairs of enacting roofer reforms before Albany shuts down soon. It’s urgent we act right away.

New Yorkers should write your legislators now — urging your home-district legislators to support much-needed reform bills. It’s our last chance this year.

Assembly and Senate measures would: limit repair deposits to 50 percent of the contract … forbid roofers to act as illegal public adjusters … forbid contractors to dangle rebates to lure consumers for repair jobs … and let homeowners cancel contracts for unneeded repairs.

Albany needs to hear from New Yorkers now. Everyone in New York can send letters. We’re building a groundswell of support that tells legislators these bills deserve “Yes” votes.

An alliance of committed insurers, consumers and other groups is seeking to put crooked roofers out of business.

If you’re a New Yorker, send a letter today. Ask your New York colleagues to send a letter as well — just forward them the link to the letter-writing engine.

Together, we can pull the roof off roofer cons!

About the author: Howard Goldblatt is director of government affairs for the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.